Happy NEWS Year!!!


It has been a while since I've posted here. .Though I've always been logging in LJ everytime I go online but I only check my feeds(checking for updates, stalking. .XD). .hehe. .^^;
Well, this is my first post this year, and I'll start with sharing a wallpaper!!!yay!!*\(^o^)/*
(Sorry, I just made one. .^^;)

First off, NEWS!!!!!!Kyaaaa!!!!!>_<♥

Tegoshi, Massu, Shige, Kei-chaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!\(*A*)/

And btw, THANKS to  inala nbsp;for her wonderful scans. .

Just click the pic to download the bigger version. .^^

NEWS wallpaper

Hope you like it!!!!Comments are loved. .^^

Next in line, Hey! Say! JUMP!!!


Chibi Massu

onegaishimasu dekascans. .

I've been a fan of deka wanko since the day i discovered it's live action. .
it was fun!!not only because of Kiri(Tegoshi), Wanko(Tabe) and the rest of the characters but because the story, theme, genre, EVERYTHING is interesting. .and so I've always wanted to read it's manga and searched it over the internet. .and then I discovered dekascanlation. .It was the answer to my desires. .I was actually accepted. .I was really thankful to meatbun66 who accepted and granted my wish. .not only that, .she became my big sister. .we talk everytime we have time. .I always wait for deka scans' new releases and every time i read a new chapter, I always tell myself , "I want to help!!!" but I still can't translate something complicated, I still have to study more!!!Deka Wanko, dekascanlation and meatbun66 urges me to study more and achieve my goals even with some major predicaments. .even now, i still wait for Deka Scan's releases. .and I know how busy big sis is and I want to help her while I still can. .also, a repay for the things she has done to me. .her motivations, comfort, stories, and even just simple talks about life, it was really helpful. .I was able to have someone to talk with things I'm interested in and have a big sister who tries to communicate with her little sister even when she's busy. .having someone to talk to really is something essential. .but then because of desperation of continuing my studies, I tried to ask help from everyone I know who can try to help and said something which concerns none of anyone's business but myself. .i never intended to make use of anyone's kindness but some have misunderstood what I had said. .and now, maybe because of that, i was removed from the community. .I was checking for updates and browsed dekascans but the only thing I can see and access is the homepage which has the post for those who want to join the community. .which led me to a conclusion that I was really removed. .it was sad. .and for some reason i can't stop my tears from falling. .it felt like i've lost someone so dear to me. .it was like being in the midst of solving something but another one came because of my desperation. .it hurts. .but i have to stay strong. . and i'd still like to read inspirational mangas like deka wanko and again befriend with someone whom I treat as my big sis. .Sis, I hope you read this till the end. .I hope we can still chat again sometimes and share stories. .I've never had someone whom I was able to talk to like that before. .Also, I still want to be a part of the dekascanlation family, and help with the scans someday soon. .that's why i hope you'll accept me again. .please accept me again. .onegaishimasu. .m(_ _)m
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Chibi Massu

Mail overload!!!

I was checking my mailbox in yahoomail and look what I found

my inbox already reached more than almost 16000 messages!!!

really can't believe it. .

now, i'm suffering on how i can delete this many messages. .=_="
it'll be hard, but I should face this since it's my fault why it became like this. .


Chibi Massu

what a WEEEK!!!XD

Wow!! It has been a while since I last posted here. .

Well, here I am again. .I'm back!!!

I'm suppose to be studying at school but now i'm confined in the hospital because of chickenpox. .It's soooooo itchy but it's not that bad being in the hospital. .Though I really can't go out like I used to, it's okay since i get to read and do a lot of stuffs over the internet. .

I'm already done reading up to Volume 9, Chapter 60 of Deka Wanko, (thanks to dekascanlation
and Skip Beat! Vol. 31 Ch. 188

also, i finished downloading Nodame Cantabile Manga and Tegoshi's Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac (for the 2nd time around) =_="

Now, I should study Physics for I missed a lot of things since I'm hospitalized for a week already. .

I'll do my best!!! Hope I'll be released already.. .Want to go to the fangathering for NEWS on Saturday. .>_<
Want to do soooo many things but cant do everything at the same time. .Well, have to wait until next time. .^^

I'm glad NEWS is back. .and their DVDs will be out soon. .just have to earn a lot of money now for me to treat my family and buy a lot of stuff for myself & to support both NEWS and Tegomass. .yay!!! Gonna work hard. .but I cant earn until October 30 maybe since I failed the interview for rarejob. .hehe. .^^;

See you all soon folks!!^^

-♥Chiaki =3
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Chibi Massu

(no subject)

Why does things suddenly happen??
Sometimes it's nice but sometime's it's not.
We can never predict what'll happen in the future,

But one thing's for sure. . .

Everything has a purpose.
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Chibi Massu

Start of the busy days. . .

Sunday. . .

A day for God and my famiy. . .

Though I wasn't with my family today because of church and church school, I still had fun. .

It'll be soon our recognition day in church school so we had our last lessons and practiced our presentation until the late afternoon. .

It has been a while since I danced. .I love it!!!

Well, aside that, I've already read almost 2 volumes of Deka Wanko. .yay!!!!!

Hope I can still read some of it the next days though. .

Well, i guess it'll have to wait. .^^

Have to work with plates now and study for exams. .So pray for me everybody!!!Hope I can work it all out. .

I can do this!!!!!! XD
Chibi Massu

Turned out to be GREAT. . .

Yesterday, we had a field trip. 

"I don't want to go. .I want to stay home." 

These are the words repeating on my mind at that time but still I did go for me to experience and see what others did see in the company. .I actually didn't know where the site is located even though they gave me landmarks on where I should be stopping so I stopped at the last landmark they told me but I ended up going the wrong direction. . .

What I found was "Asia Glass" and "Asahi Glass" instead of "Orient Glass". I tried walking and walking and walking around and asked for directions but no one knows where "Orient Glass" is. . .And so, I walked and walked and walked again. .To and fro, and left and right. .I think I've already walked the circle for minutes. .XD

I thought of giving up already on looking for the company but then I saw someone who knows where it is located. .I was like, "yay!!!!!someone knew where it is!!!!", I was so thankful to him. .If not for him, I might be wandering around that are for a long time. . .

But in the end I was still late. .The tour was done. . .

Well, better be early next time. .

And so, since I was one of the people assigned to make the site model, we planned on what we should do. .Of course we need materials for that. .Buying can be done by a few people, so I decided not to go. .(Well, just think of it, 12 people buying just a few materials together, isn't that a bit exaggerating?? XD)

And so, my friends and I went to places and had fun. .We don't have much money so we didn't buy much. .I think I only bought a seedling. .A Stargazer flower!!! Hope it'll grow well. .and oh!!! I need a pot. .XD

But the highlight of my day today is my conversation with my mother. .
My mother just came back from her 3-day seminar somewhere. .and she was empowered with what the speakers told them. .And then it came to a point that I was able to open up my feelings towards her before. .Well, I've already forgave  her for those before we had this conversation, but the feeling is different when the person herself asks for forgiveness. . .

Because of this, we both cried. . .

But we were happy. .And we became closer. . .
(Now, you can say that they were tears of joy, right??^^)

I was really happy for what happened and even though it was already late at night and my eyes were still puffy, I went to  my classmates boarding house to make the site model. .

Happy ending??No. .It's more like a Happy Beginning and hopefully, a fun and happy life after. .

What am I saying?!?

It will be a fun and happy life!!!!

And soon, it'll be a better when my father comes home. .

So, Daddy!!!!!!Come home soon, okay?!?!?!
We miss you already!!!!
We'll be waiting for you!!!!
Let's become an EXTREMELY HAPPY PEOPLE!!!!!

With God, all of this  is possible. . .So let's keep the faith!!! Thank you Lord. .We'll love you from the bottom of our hearts. .even though we can't give you back the exact amount of your love but still we'll love you with all our hearts and will do our best to serve you. .

Speaking of serving, it's our Sunday service today, I should get going!!! 

See you all soon friends!!!Later!!! 
Chibi Massu

Deka Scans♥

I've always been someone who likes to watch anime and live action movies/series. Sometimes, the flow of the stories differ in their manga series even though they're of the same story so as much as possible, I also check out  their manga series.

I discovered Deka Wanko because of it's live action. .I first saw this picture with Tabe Mikako at the center and people with dog faces behind her.

What actually caught my attention is the dress Tabe was wearing. .To the fact that it was a detective story which is expected to have action scenes and stuff, she wore something cute which made me think that this story must be cute and funny!! Also, I'm a fan of Tegoshi Yuya who played Kirishima's role in Deka Wanko drama which added to the reason why i should watch it. .(fangirling throughout the series)

Finally, I've completed watching the series including its 2 SPs. But after the second SP was released, I grew impatient and wanted to know more about what will happen next. .

So i tried reading online. .
. ,but the problem now is that it takes me time to read online!!! 
(so busy with schoolwork to read manga online TT^TT)

So I tried searching for scans of this manga and I found Deka Scans. 

and there I found out that they allow only the members to download the scanlations. .

Since i badly wanted to have a copy of the manga series of Deka Wanko, I'll be asking them to be one of their members through this entry. .

So, Deka Scans, please let me be a member in your community!!!!! Onegaishimasu!!!  

Chibi Massu

First time ever!!!

Hi Everyone!!! I'm Chiaki. . .Nice to meet you all!!! 

I've just decided to open a full account on live journal. .

I'm someone who's not really interested in writing but I think this will will help me improve my talking and writing skills. .
Well, at first, the only reason why I'll open a LJ account is because I want to download and become a member for Deka Scans aka Deka Scanlation Group but in the midst of creating my account, I've realized that I can make use of LiveJournal more than just becoming a member and being able to download stuffs. .

So I hope I can do a lot of stuffs here. .Every entry I post here gives off the true me. .the real Chiaki. .and I myself hopes to discover more about myself here. .

Hoping for the best!!!  God bless us all!!!